4G Active Coupling Test Method, Novice Can See It (Built-in Antenna, External Antenna)

1. Insert the test white card into the tested equipment
2. Fix the test equipment on the test turntable (as shown below)
3. Open cmw500 comprehensive tester, press "measure" key and select test
Press the "signalgen" key and select [LTE test]
Press the "signalgen" key and select [LTE test]
4. Open the computer connected to cmw500, open the test software, and select the test item and test channel
5. Turn on the "on / off" switch of CMW comprehensive tester and wait for the tested equipment to be registered with cmw500 comprehensive tester
6. When the integrated tester displays "connected", click next to start the test
7. After the test, the excel document will be automatically produced and saved