GPS Antenna Manufacturer Will Show You the Classification of GPS Antenna

What are the classifications of GPS antennas? It can be classified according to different dimensions. The GPS antenna manufacturer will give you a specific introduction below.
1. In terms of polarization mode, GPS antenna is divided into vertical polarization and circular polarization.
With current technology, the effect of vertical polarization is not as good as circular polarization. Therefore, except for special cases, GPS antenna will adopt circular polarization and linear polarization.
2. In terms of placement mode, GPS antenna is divided into built-in antenna and external antenna.
The assembly position of the antenna is also very important. The early GPS handset mostly used the eversion antenna. At this time, the antenna is basically isolated from the interior of the whole machine, and EMI hardly affects it, so the satellite receiving effect is very good. Now, with the trend of miniaturization, GPS antennas are mostly built-in. At this time, the antenna must be above all metal devices, the shell must be plated and well grounded, and away from EMI interference sources, such as CPU, SDRAM, SD card, crystal oscillator, DC / DC.
The application of vehicle GPS will become more and more common. The car shell, especially the car explosion-proof membrane, will seriously hinder the GPS signal. An external antenna with a magnet (which can be adsorbed to the roof) is very necessary for on-board GPS.
3. From the aspect of power supply, it is divided into active and passive.
The external GPS is an active antenna. The passive antenna does not contain LNA amplifier, but the antenna body.