Specific steps of antenna customization   Points needing attention

Specific steps of communication antenna customization
The first step of communication antenna Customization: confirm the communication frequency band
The communication antenna uses different communication frequencies to transmit different wavelengths, and then uses this property of the communication antenna to customize the signal receiving device of different frequency bands. It is necessary for us to know the signal frequency to be transmitted. For example, the frequency of Bluetooth transmission is 2.4GHz, so it is necessary for us to control the transmission wavelength length of the communication antenna within the range that can withstand the transmission of this signal, and then realize no disturbance in the transmission overshoot and high signal strength.

The second step of communication antenna Customization: confirm the device environment and antenna scale
It is necessary to understand the device environment and device scale of the specific communication antenna. The antenna can be divided into external devices according to the device location, that is, the device is on the shell of all devices. It may be said that the device location is outside all devices. The actual cases include: wireless WiFi router antenna, handheld cordless Interphone Antenna and other devices, followed by built-in devices, The communication antenna is directly integrated on the circuit board of the equipment or embedded in the equipment. The actual cases include: mobile phone antenna, Bluetooth audio, car GPS positioning antenna and other electronic appliances. Confirm whether the communication antenna is a built-in device or an external device is related to the planning and mold opening of all equipment. The second is to confirm the type of antenna. The antennas of external devices include: rubber rod antenna, sucker antenna, mushroom antenna, etc., and the built-in antennas include: FPC antenna, ceramic antenna, etc. Then select the appropriate scale and type according to the beautiful opening and finishing of the equipment.

The third step of communication antenna Customization: open mold production and field commissioning
According to the preliminary planning scheme, confirm the communication frequency band, device environment and appearance scale of the communication antenna, start the mold opening and proofing according to the data, test the samples after the mold opening and proofing, and then arrange the samples to the customer's user for on-site test, and start mass production after the on-site test of the functions and functions suitable for use, Otherwise, come back to the factory to continue debugging until you are satisfied with the test. At this stage, our customized communication antenna has been successfully completed.

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