What If The Mobile Phone Signal is Bad at Home? Zhongruicheng Has A Way!

In daily life, I believe many people have encountered the phenomenon of weak mobile phone signal, especially in densely built buildings, basements, shopping malls and other places. These places let us deeply experience the extremely slow speed of 4G signal. Why is that? Because these environments are complex, many people use the network at the same time, or the coverage of the base station is not perfect, our mobile phone signal will be attenuated.
Recently, zhongruicheng communication received a customer who needs signal coverage for rental housing and asked for door-to-door installation of mobile phone signal amplifier to solve the problem of poor signal for many tenants. First of all, the customer's house is located in a dense urban village. The customer uses 4G mobile phone network at home, and the signal is very weak. He wants to cover the mobile phone signal and find us.
Please refer to the following description for the installation details of the customer:
The customer's house belongs to a typical urban village structure. There are many handshake buildings. When entering the roadway and rental house, the signal is very weak. There is basically no way to make normal mobile phone calls, which brings great inconvenience to the local residents. Before installing the mobile phone signal amplifier, first test the customer's local mobile 4G frequency with the mobile phone, and then recommend a matching amplifier.
Take Apple phone as an example:
After understanding, we know that:
1. There are dense rental houses around the customer's house and many people use the network;
2. Secondly, the buildings here are dense and complex, resulting in very poor mobile phone signal;
3. The customer's self built building has a total of 5 floors and wants to cover the mobile phone signals on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors;
4. The customer's second floor area is about 80 square meters. In order to solve the three network communication and Internet access, we have developed a mobile phone signal amplifier and five ceiling installation schemes for the customer, which can meet the normal communication needs of the whole building. The picture shows the installation engineer installing the wiring through the trunking.
The installation engineer is installing the ceiling. Ensure that the mobile phone signal of tenants on each floor is normal.
Setup Script
1. First, fix the outdoor logarithmic antenna from the roof to find the best direction of the signal source
2. Then pay off the line directly to the balcony and pull the line into the living room
3. Then hang the ceiling antenna on the wall
4. Connect the power cord of the corresponding interface
Note: the distance between the mobile phone signal amplifier host and the outdoor antenna should be as far as possible, preferably more than 5m.
After installation, after careful adjustment and testing, the signals of China Mobile and China Unicom in most rooms and staircases are more than 4 grids, which can ensure the needs of normal calls and mobile Internet access. For owners, better telephone and Internet signals also mean that more tenants are willing to choose to rent here, and customers are also very satisfied with this set of products!